Welcome to Gjøvik Klatrepark

The climbing tracks are up in the trees with the height from 0.5m to nearly 15m above the ground. The trails are designed for both adults and children, and have different degrees of difficulty. Start with the low and simple slopes and work your way up. Each trail ends on the ground.

All guests must wear safety gear consisting of helmet, climbing harness and carabiner hooks, as well as a zip-liner roller. This is included in the day pass. Note that climbing the park is not allowed without safety equipment!

Have a great time in the park, our guests spends normally 2-4 hours.

Day passes including safety gear

Children, below 115 cm: NOK 125
Children, below 115 cm and 140 cm: NOK 265
Children and adults above 140 cm: NOK 315

Our 240 meter long Zip-line is included

10% family discount (family of 4+)
10% student discount with valid proof of studies

We recommend that you book your visit - press -

However drop-ins are also very welcome

Company or group bookings - press -


Gjøvik Klatrepark

Øverby Idrettspark
Øverbyvegen 93
2825 Gjøvik

Phone: 484 25 632.

Email: post@rappel.no